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Hey there, thanks for visiting. I’m Sean, and I contribute design strategy, deliverables, and results to enhance and reinforce our customer’s user-experience over our products.

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a little bit about myself

I’m here to help us conquer challenges through systematic design thinking mixed with creative approaches, and I love to make the impossible happen.

How I work

What is design?

Design is a journey. It starts with connecting people and continues to expand the common understanding between the creators and the users. It’s full of surprises, unknowns, limitations, and triumphs where inspirations bounce among our heads. So there is always a better solution to enhance the user experience, so we always break our own records.

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Where I'm from

My Experience

Two most significant things I’m learning at PayPal are:
1. what it takes to lead the competitive payment industry;
2. what it takes to lead a team to the end of the journey.

I started at the beginning of PayPal’s new era, where we have the opportunities to empower more partners regardless of their business needs. Our team plans and execute on both long-term and short-term strategy to deliver incremental value without compromising. Before that, I was helping TangoMe to expand their user base on top of their existing millions by completing their ecosystem full of social features.
Establishing a design culture including guides, process, and methods when working as the lead designer at Macate Group was another amazing path where I grew so much. All of these is built on my practices from my early professionals year with NetApp and Symsoft Solutions where I’m grateful to start with.

I don't post all my works in public

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SOme facts to know

I’m a gamer. I value team work extremely, and I’m highly competitive.

I’m an adventurer. I believe in lifelong learning and growing through new challenges.

I’m a navigator. I support our team towards the sunrise in a better world.

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Nice to meet you :]

Xiao Sean Lu

designer + illustrator + photographer

I have a passion for empathizing with the needs and behaviors of people, the business, and how to solve for them through design. With a background in Design and Studio Art, I have been dedicated to produce cross-platform applications for years to serve our audience with enhanced user journey so they can accomplish their day.

Working in design is too much fun when I see the product been welcomed by our users because we shared the adventure together. We are both the mentors and the mentees at the same time, communicating our feelings back and forth to polish the product. I am always curious about new technology as it often inspires new design solutions, so you will find me spend much time reading about tech news and gears. One of the many things that are occupying my life is to research/discover virtual reality and augmented reality interactions as I do see the potential in technology to change our world.


San Jose, CA
2017 - Present

Tango Me

Mountain View, CA
2016 -  2017


Sunnyvale, CA
2013 -  2015

I Love What I do!

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CA 94085, U.S.A.

Phone: 408.807.5777
Email: xiaoseanlu@gmail.com
Web: xiaoludesign.com
Mediu,: medium.com/@xiaolu